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Energy and Telecommunications Solutions

In Energy and Telecommunications Solutions the GRP / FRP (fiber reinforced polyester glass) becomes a high benefit-cost solution for these sectors, for their many advantages, allowing to have sustainable, functional and high-performance products in the long term.


  • Monolithic Posts and severed communications
  • Torres
  • Supports solar panels and antennas for telecommunications
  • High voltage substations and transmission lines
  • Storage demineralized water generation to generation
  • Desalination plants with seawater
  • Crosses (Single and double to center – flown)
  • Tirantas friend and foot metal
  • Hardware
  • Beacons
  • Pipes
  • Storage of fuel for power generation (Diesel)
  • Solutions Concretore®
  • Shirts (cable protection)
  • Grids and caps in substations sumps power (Enelven type)
  • Development and customized solutions


  • Weatherproof and corrosion in chemical and saline environments
  • Do not absorb moisture
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Improved network reliability
  • Stable mechanical and electrical properties under extreme humidity and temperature
  • Very lightweight and easy to install
  • Ergonomic: Reduction of fatigue and accidents
  • Transport and simple economic
  • Not vulnerable to theft
  • Does not interfere radiofrequency
  • Long life, maintenance free
  • ECOLOGICAL Protection zone ecology friendly materials
  • Environment