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Our History

Fibratore S.A. born in 1974 as an engineering company, 100% Colombian, focused on providing engineering solutions using composite materials industry where corrosion was his greatest enemy. His 40 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and assembling solutions for major companies in the country, using the Reinforced Polyester (GRP) as its main raw material, have led to be a recognized company not only in the field national but international and worthy of international awards.

With 90 years of existence in the world market Reinforced Polyester Fiberglass, GRP or FRP, Fibratore today designs and develops high quality products that have been present in large projects across multiple industries at national and international level.

Energy / Telecommunications / Industry / Hydrocarbon / Construction / Infrastructure / Construction

Today our environmental commitment enables us to be a company that develops and evolves nature friendly products, supported by a technical and human team committed to safety and health factors that give us the strength to be the best.


Our Management System (ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – OHSAS 18001)

Comprehensive Policy

Fibratore SA is a company recognized nationally and internationally in providing engineering solutions based on knowledge of the composite material, the study of the needs and customer satisfaction. Our strategy is focused on industry sectors, supported by research, development and innovation of new products and services.

We create a culture of integrated management, based on the quality of our products, protection of the environment and the promotion of safety and health of our employees, contractors and visitors, allowing reduce pollution and the effect on the community.

Fibratore SA agrees to the following guidelines:

  1. Comprehensive development of staff, promote and strengthen environmental and health and safety within the company culture.
  2. Ensure compliance with environmental laws, safety and health at work, in addition to voluntary commitments signed in the scope of its action to improve environmental performance.
  3. Continuously improve quality, environmental performance and safety and health in the context of technological and economic possibilities.
  4. Make adequate control of high-risk tasks and predict the occurrence of accidents and occupational illnesses.

Corporate Values


Our People

Fibratore create work environments that allow employees to demonstrate their skills, focus on their work and create value for our customers and stakeholders, we share a dedication to service and a work philosophy based on respect, the attitude of service and commitment.

Continuous training, implemented in every company, allows our employees to adapt their knowledge to permanent technological renovation that prevails in the market. Since Fibratore is our goal to create a company culture where every employee feel part of a team of a great team party. Fibratore is aware that success in work and projects developed are in charge of their human capital, composed of competent and committed people.

Our Social Commitment

Our social commitment focuses within the company and the community. We support processes so constant training, personal and professional growth, we have linked in community projects where we exercise our activity by making donations to different institutions and people who require our support and service.